Responsibility and Sustainability as a Principle

Environmental Services Erdberg


Die Restmüllverwertungs GmbH & Co KG [RMVG] is part of "Umweltbetriebe Erzberg" and operates the highest landfill site in Austria. We have been a reliable partner in waste management for decades and treat people and nature with respect.

Initially a landfill for bulk waste in 1992, it was later expanded to include a landfill for residual waste. The hydrological and geological conditions at Erzberg provide an ideal location for the landfill.


In order to make waste with a high proportion of soluble inorganic pollutants that cannot be directly deposited suitable for landfilling, a solidification plant was built in 2001.


RMVG offers suitable compartments for the landfilling of bulk waste, residual materials and highly alkaline waste.


In the solidification plant, waste can be stabilized which is delivered as silo goods, loose or in big bags.


Sustainability means to use a natural system only this way that it remains in its essential character and in its properties.

We, Umweltbetriebe Erzberg, operate our waste management in accordance with precautionary principles and sustainability. 

Environmental protection plays a big role for us, so our objectivs are based on the principle of sustainable development. The conservation of natural resources and the protection of soil, water and air are the focus here.

The circular economy is also an important principle for us, which is reflected in our environmentally friendly facilities and their equipment.


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