RSVG-VH Performance

Consolidation of waste

The RSVG-VH contains a hi-tech consolidation plant on the Breitlahnsturz.
Waste with a high percentage of solvent inorganic substances (p.e. heavy metals), are treated and stabilized in this plant.
This process uses hydraulic or latent hydraulic bonding agents such as cement. After the consolidation has followed, the waste is stored at the residual landfill.

Fully automated installation engineering

Waste, which is added to the consolidation plant, is, according to the authorization, especially metallurgical slag (scrapings, dusts and ashes).
The RSVG-VH disposes of fully automated installation engineering. The core of the plant is a mixer. This mixer disposes of specially designed fixtures to mix the Material. The most important sections of the plant work fully automatic. The mixing ratio of waste, bonding agent, other aggregates and water is very important. This mixing ratio corresponds to a formula that has been subjected to an aptitude test.

Special formulas for each waste

First a specific formula for each type of waste is developed in the laboratory. This process takes several months. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that the selected formula bonds the relevant harmful substances permanently in the consolidation product.
After positive investigations on unconsolidated waste and on the laboratory product, the mixer is used.

Before the deposit of the materials, field trials are made. These samples are later subjected to a test, where the frost resistance or the availability is tested.

Another tool of the consolidation plant is a feed hopper, where materials can be taken over without a silo transport. The plant also disposes of a wheel loader and three cement silos. A truck takes care of the transport inside the plant and to the residual landfill.

Anforderungen Abfallqualität [als PDF download]

Final storage at the Paulisturz

The constructed consolidation product, which corresponds exactly to the landfill ordinance will be checked again and then transported for the finale storage at the Paulisturz.

Genehmigter Schlüsselnummernkatalog [als PDF download]