In April 1992, the RMVG in 8790 Eisenerz intend the construction and commissioning of a landfill on the Styrian Erzberg. The Paulisturz has been chosen for the exact position of the landfill. It should be a landfill for harmless deposit of waste and the equipment of the landfill should accord to the current state of art.
In the same year, the licence was issued to build such a landfill in Eisenerz.
The landfill was build on barren rocks, which were exploit earlier on the Erzberg and one year later, in 1993, the landfill put into operation.

The hydrogeological and geological conditions make the Erzberg an ideal site. The landfill is a mixture of slope and pit landfill.
The prevention of environmental damage, plus the hygienic and ecological standpoints are the most important characteristics of the RMVG in Eisenerz.


The RMVG on the Erzberg needed a consolidation plant, which is accorded to the current state of the art, to treat and to stabilize waste with a high percentage of solvent inorganic substances. Such a plant was built over the winter in the years 2000 and 2001 on the Breitlahnsturz on the Erzberg.
The RSVG-VH took over the administration of this consolidation plant.


The recycling park in Eisenerz was constructed in 2003 as a trial operation. The plant is located on a site of the former workshops of Voest Alpine, and so this site became the ideal location for the recycling park (RPE). In 2006 the park was officially put into operation.

The park became the first Austrian recycling plant for the beneficiation of shredder-light fractions.1 The plant capacity of the park was 30,000 tons at the beginning, but later it was increased with an authorization to circa 70,000 tons

1Shredder-light fractions are special residues from the derelict car utilization


At the end of the year 2000 Eisenerz decided to found a new company for the waste disposal service of the municipality.

The RSVG-VH was chosen as a minority partner. The objective of this company is to work together in areas where tasks are better performed together than by either party alone.

The RSE has started its activity one year later, in 2001. The field of activity includes mainly the collection of residual waste, organic waste, waste paper, metal and plastic packaging.

Later the construction of a waste collection center supported the waste management in Eisenerz. The citizens of Eisenerz can bring all the waste and other problematic material to this center, which are not captured by regular hauls. A new collection vehicle was also purchased.

As another milestone in the cooperation, the municipality Vordernberg was incorporated into this waste management at April 2011.

All measures that have been set, contribute to a successfully waste management in this region, which is also secured in the future.



Organizational chart