Municipal Waste Management

Main task and objective

The main task of the RSE is the collection of residual waste, organic waste, waste paper and packaging materials from households in Eisenerz and also from other municipalities. Also, the operation of a municipal waste collection center. The objective is to fulfill all duties of a proper, municipal waste management for our municipality.

Waste disposal

The RSE disposes many sorts of waste for our municipal customers. Among others, following waste is taken over in the RSZ:

  • bulky waste
  • wood
  • waste paper and cardboard packaging
  • tree and shrub cuttings
  • construction waste (household amount)
  • scrap metal
  • plastic packaging, metal, colored and white glass
  • used tyre
  • waste textiles
  • electronics scrap (like monitors, refrigerators)
  • problematic material
  • waste wood (treated and untreated)
  • used lubrication oil and waste edible oil
  • Biowaste
  • waste paint
  • solvent mixtures (halogenated and not halogenated)

Haul organisation

Beside the disposal of this waste, the regular hauls are organised by the RSE. For this purpose, annual haul calendars are created, which are apparent for all.

Waste disposal




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Information sheets for correct waste separation