The landfill

The landfill “Paulisturz” was built by the RMVG according to the newest technical directives for waste disposal plants. It is a landfill for not dangerous waste and it consists of two lower classes: the residue landfill and the mass waste landfill. The Erzberg in Eisenerz is the ideal site because of his good hydrogeological and geological basic conditions, also because of his central postition and his convenient transport connection.

Design and technology

The landfill on the Paulisturz disposes of sufficient volume and a big area, to encamp all the waste accordingly.
The construction of the residue landfill and the mass waste landfill guarantees a save and dependable operation. All key numbers were approved for the RMVG, to enable an enlarged waste management. New technologies like the concept of the seepage-purification take care of environmentally friendly and future-oriented waste treatment.
The landfill seal consists of mineral leak-proof layer, plastic film and protective fleece. A seepage collection system is laid over the landfill base sealing. From there the seepage flows into the seepage purification system, where it is cleaned in a multi-stage process to the degree of pure water.
The RMVG at the Erzberg has all waterway permits that are required in an environmentally friendly waste management.
A quality assured data collection is one of the most important principles for the waste acceptance. The incoming waste is subject to strict incoming inspections, weighed on the weighbridge and then recorded by means of a data processing. This waste will be assigned in compliance with the present valid landfill ordinance to the residue landfill or to the mass waste landfill.
Durch die gesetzlich vorgegebene Datenerfassung ist noch nach Jahren festzustellen, welcher Abfall in welchem Bereich der Deponie eingebaut wurde.
The landfill on the Erzberg is a mixture of slope and pit landfill. Stored are only materials, for which no raw material or energetic utilization is possible.
Residual landfill gas will intensified properly according to the current state of the art and so the climate is spared.

Authorizations of the RMVG

In some ranges of the RMVG, elevated parameters are allowable, because of special licences. Because of the properties of the landfill and its surroundings and because of the long term landfill behaviour of the waste and technical premises, limit values could be elevated. The RMVG additionally fulfil all terms, which are necessary, to encamp strong alkaline residues from thermal processes in the residual landfill.