An overview of our offerings.


The landfill on the Styrian Erzberg is only for the storage of inert material, for which no raw material or energetic utilization is possible. The first priority for the waste storage is security.

RMVG Stabilisierung

Die Hauptaufgabe der RMVG Stabilisierung ist die Behandlung bzw. Stabilisierung von Abfällen mit einem hohen Anteil an löslichen, anorganischen Schadstoffen. Erst nach der Verfestigung dieser Abfälle kann die Endlagerung am Paulisturz erfolgen.


The recycling park in Eisenerz is mainly for the separation of usable fractions from dry and value-rich input materials. Another major task of the Park is the beneficiation of shredder light fractions.


The main task of the RSE is the collection of communal waste and secondary material. In the waste collection center, the citizens of Eisenerz have the possibility to dispose all the waste and other problematic material, which are not captured by regular hauls.